Leo's guide to nuts

02 September, 2015

Shortly before Leo Houlding left for his subsequently successful trip to The Mirror Wall in N.E. Greenland, he did a short piece to camera for DMM, detailing some of the special features and benefits of our passive protection range - more commonly referred to as nuts.

In it Leo also singles out a few of his 'go-to-pieces' that have become firm favourites when he's on the sharp end making headline big wall ascents around the world.

While Wallnuts with their complex curves, give an extensive variety of stable placement options and are the starting point for any trad rack, they're complemented by HB Alloy Offsets and Peenuts for those flared and awkward shaped cracks. When it comes to wider cracks, then Torque Nuts take over, covering a wide range (31 mm - 71 mm) in four sizes with a neat extendable sling. As a climber works their way up the grades, they'll be looking to add micro nuts such as Micro Wallnuts, and silver soldered IMPs and HB Brass Offsets, to their rack.