Emily Phillips

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Date of Birth: 8th October 2002

Hometown: Cardiff

For Emily, it all started at the funfair during a family holiday to the Isle of Wight when she was only five years old. At the Isle’s annual Garlic Festival Emily tried her hand on a mobile climbing wall and was instantly addicted. 

I’m not sure why I chose to climb as opposed to all the fairground rides,” says Emily, “but without that experience I definitely wouldn’t be climbing today”. 

Shortly after this first taste of climbing, Boulders Climbing Centre opened in Emily’s home city of Cardiff and she signed up for the kids club. 

Now, a decade on, Emily is part of the British Junior and Senior Climbing Teams and has an impressive collection of national and international competition titles and podium finishes to her name, most recently 2nd in the 2017 Boulder European Youth Cup and 5th in the 2018 Lead European Youth Championship. Emily also reached semi-finals in the 2018 Senior World Cup in Munich. Nationally Emily was the 2017 Youth B British Bouldering, Lead and Speed Champion and is the British Speed Climbing Record Holder with a time of 11.90 seconds.

Despite Emily’s current focus on competition climbing, there are still some very impressive outdoor routes on her tick list, including Jerry’s Roof (V10/F7C+) at the Cromlech Boulders in the Llanberis Pass, North Wales, and La Cucina (8a) at Massone, Italy. 

Emily competing.


What do you like most about climbing as a sport? 

Climbing is such a diverse sport, which is why I think it’s so great.  I love how there is a type of climbing for everyone; so many paths to go down. Competition climbing is what I enjoy most at the moment but I know I have so much to explore outdoors in the future as well.

What do you like most about the climbing community?

Through climbing I have met so many amazing people and from all around the world.

Do you have any long-term goals for climbing?

I have a few goals in mind for next season, winning a European Youth Cup and getting a medal at the World Youth Championships are big ones. It would also be incredible to compete in all three disciplines at the Senior World Championships in Tokyo.

Do you have any goals for the future? 

I definitely want to travel more and try to visit and climb in some places outside of Europe.

Emily representing GB.
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