iD Reader

A Bluetooth RFID reader which scans DMM iD tags on contact. Compatible with device and software of choice.

Product Name Product Code Price
iD Reader - ID-READER
Contact DMM
iD Reader USB Converter - ID-USB-EN
Contact DMM

UHF RFID reader

Reads on contact with DMM iD tags

Bluetooth connectivity

20m read range between iD reader and bluetooth device

Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices

US or EU/global region specific versions available


DMM iD is the start of a revolution in personal protective equipment (PPE) inspection and inventory management. In a world first, we have integrated RFID technology into connectors (patent pending) and other difficult to mark PPE products, including ropes, harnesses and slings. The range of DMM iD products, together with our collection of retrofit iD tags, provide a comprehensive smart PPE solution