Couloir 8.0mm

The Couloir is a lightweight climbing rope that can be used in half or twin configuration. It is dry treated to the stringent UIAA standard to resist freezing in cold environments, or soaking up water at seacliff venues. Low impact forces give extra security when falling onto marginal gear like ice screws.

Product Name Product Code Colour Diameter Length Weight (g/m) No. of UIAA Falls Impact Force % of Sheath Certification Price
Couloir - RP220RD-50
RP220RD-50 Red 8.0mm 50m 43g 7 (half), 10.2 (twin) 6.6kN 34 EN 892:2012
Couloir - RP220RD-60
RP220RD-60 Red 8.0mm 60m 43g 7 (half), 10.2 (twin) 6.6kN 34 EN 892:2012
Couloir - RP220BL-50
RP220BL-50 Blue 8.0mm 50m 43g 7 (half), 10.2 (twin) 6.6kN 34 EN 892:2012

Rated as half rope for trad and winter climbing

Half ropes are used on climbs that wander or traverse, where rope drag would make a single rope impractical. They allow a leader to bring up two seconds at once. Half ropes also allow full length and easily retrievable abseils, invaluable on multi-pitch routes where abseil descent is necessary.

Rated as a twin rope for alpine and ice climbing

Twin ropes are always used as a pair, and must be clipped into each piece of protection together to achieve their rated strength. They are best use in environments where low weight is key but there is a need for full length abseils, and the pitches follow straighter lines.

UIAA Dry treatment for water resistance and increased durability

The UIAA dry treatment standard dictates that a rope must absorb less than 5% of its total weight in water after light abrasion and 15 minutes soaking. DMM Ropes marked UIAA Dry conform to this standard, and are suitable for use in alpine, winter and wet environments, where they will resist soaking up water and freezing. Dry treatment also extends a ropes lifespan by protecting it against dirt and grit.

ThermoControl heat treatment for positive handling and suppleness

ThermoControl heat treatment alters the fibres within the rope, balancing the core and sheath to minimise slippage and prevent the rope shrinking or going stiff. This increases durability, and gives ropes supple handling.