Gym Shoes

The Gym shoe is designed for comfort during long sessions where performance shoes would be unsuitable.They are built to last, with a double toe rand that deals with the abrasive texture of indoor holds, and solid all round construction for a long lifespan.

Velcro closures are easy to take on and off, and the shoes can be connected via a press stud to keep them together.

Product Name Product Code Colour Size Price
Velcro Gym Shoes - RBOOT-GYM3
RBOOT-GYM3 Red/Grey/Black 3
Velcro Gym Shoes - RBOOT-GYM4
RBOOT-GYM4 Red/Grey/Black 4
Velcro Gym Shoes - RBOOT-GYM5
RBOOT-GYM5 Red/Grey/Black 5
Velcro Gym Shoes - RBOOT-GYM6
RBOOT-GYM6 Red/Grey/Black 6
Velcro Gym Shoes - RBOOT-GYM7
RBOOT-GYM7 Red/Grey/Black 7
Velcro Gym Shoes - RBOOT-GYM8
RBOOT-GYM8 Red/Grey/Black 8
Velcro Gym Shoes - RBOOT-GYM9
RBOOT-GYM9 Red/Grey/Black 9
Velcro Gym Shoes - RBOOT-GYM10
RBOOT-GYM10 Red/Grey/Black 10
Velcro Gym Shoes - RBOOT-GYM11
RBOOT-GYM11 Red/Grey/Black 11
Velcro Gym Shoes - RBOOT-GYM12
RBOOT-GYM12 Red/Grey/Black 12
Velcro Gym Shoes - RBOOT-GYM13
RBOOT-GYM13 Red/Grey/Black 13

Double rand toe box extends lifespan

The rubber on the toe box is double layered to increase longevity in this high wear area.

Press stud connector helps keep shoes together

A connector in the heel loop allows easy attachments and keeps pairs of shoes together for easier management in climbing walls and outdoor centres.

Built for comfort

The gym shoe is designed for long periods of use. A non-aggressive heel sling and padded tongues ensure they don't begin to bite into feet during prolonged wear, while Velcro straps make it easy to take the shoe off and on.