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The Fly's gently curved shaft strikes a balance between clearance for climbing, ease of use when plunged into deep snow, and good self arrest performance. The hot forged handle is straight enough to plunge easily through snow, while the spike on the bottom gives good purchase when walking or making progress on snow slopes.

The aggressive pick gives performance on steeper terrain, with a bottom hand rest that helps reduce the pump and increase stability on steep ground. The Fly can be fitted with a Raptor pick to improve self arrest performance, when winter walking and mountaineering.

Product Name Product Code Colour Length Weight Certification Price
Fly Axe - A0371
A0371 Orange 50cm Axe 718g EN13089:2011 Type 2
Fly Hammer - A0372
A0372 Orange 50cm Hammer 721g EN13089:2011 Type 2

Interchangeable picks for improved performance on either steep or traditional terrain

Picks on the Fly and Raptor are interchangeable, allowing you to customise the axes to improve performance on either steeper or more traditional terrain. Fly picks are more aggressive for climbing steep ice and mixed, while the Raptor's Alpine Pick gives better self arrest performance.

Lower handrest and upper handrest for easier climbing on steep ground

The Fly has an integrated lower handrest that makes climbing on steep ground less strenuous, while an upper handrest allows modern climbing techniques like matching to be used.

Full strength clip in point allows use of axe as an anchor

The clip in points on the base of the axe handle allow the axe to be used as an anchor. Inboard eyelets can be threaded with cord for attaching Freedom Leashes.

Shaft and picks T rated for durability

DMM axes are T rated, making them tough enough for modern mixed climbing techniques.

Picks laser cut from steel for strength, and CNC'd for high performance in frozen turf and ice

Steel picks are strong and highly durable. They are laser cut, and then CNC machined for high performance on ice, frozen turf and rock.

Hot forged handle for strength and ergonomics

The hot forged handle is ergonomic while still being straight enough to allow easy plunging into snow. A rubber coating insulates the handle and grips well in both dry and wet conditions.

Fly axe product features

An overview of the features and benefits of the Fly axe.