Maximise efficiency with the DMM Patroller.

The Patroller is a compact edge roller that maximises efficiency when managing multiple ropes moving at different speeds and in opposite directions.

The Patroller is the perfect solution for rope technicians who need to manage multiple ropes efficiently and effectively. With its four axles, each containing six independent rollers, you can be sure that your ropes will move smoothly.

The Patroller is designed to be adaptable in a variety of urban and natural environments, making it ideal for a variety of rope access and rescue applications. Multiple Patrollers can be linked together with maillons, cord or DMM XSRE carabiners to create a system that meets your specific needs.


  • High efficiency edge protection
  • Independent travel for all ropes within the system
  • Easy connection of multiple Patrollers with maillons, cord, or DMM XSRE carabiners
  • Compatible with 6-14mm rope

Applications in natural and urban environments

Compatible with multiple ropes 6-14mm

Independent travel for all ropes within the system