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Pulley I Need To Own.

With beautifully smooth parallel connection holes and a load bearing becket, Pinto pulleys can be clipped, hitched, spliced or threaded to give numerous work and rescue configurations. Loved the world over by Treecare professionals, they are equally as useful for rescue and hauling situations.


  • To be used on ropes of up to 14mm
  • A Spacer is available to support the Pinto cheeks when direct attachment of textile products may cause 'pinching'
  • Fairlead flares and rounded cheek plate edges that help maintain high working efficiency
  • Size of attachment holes reduce probability of locking carabiner rotation
  • Direct connection to textile components at the rounded cross section of anchor holes and curved becket
  • Textile connections can reduce system costs, increase lift height in mechanical advantage systems, and increase tolerance to torsion
  • Compatible with DMM carabiners

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour MBS WLL Dimensions Weight Rope Diameter Certification
Pinto Red PUL110 Red 10kN 90 x 43 x 32mm 114g 14mm Max EN12278:2007
NFPA 2500 (1983) 2022 ED (G)
Pinto Matt Grey PUL110MG Matt Grey 10kN 90 x 43 x 32mm 114g EN12278:2007
NFPA 2500 (1983) 2022 ED (G)

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