Climbing World Cup in Edinburgh

Jon Chittenden | 05 September, 2022
From Friday 9 to Sunday 12 September 2022, Edinburgh International Climbing Arena (EICA or locally known as Ratho) will be hosting the IFSC World Cup for Speed and Lead climbing.

DMM is an official partner of the event and we will be in Edinburgh to catch the action. Look out for in-situ DMM Alpha Sport quickdraws as athletes clip their way up the lead wall.

Times and schedules (UTC+1hr)
Friday, 9 September:
12:00 PM   Speed qualifications
Saturday, 10 September:
9:00 AM   Lead qualifications
7:00 PM   Speed finals
Sunday, 11 September:
11:00 AM   Lead semi-finals
6:00 PM   Men's Lead final
7:00 PM   Women's Lead final
DMM ambassador Jamie Forrest at EICA in the European Championships 2019
DMM ambassador Jamie Forrest at EICA in the European Championships 2019

How to follow along

In person
Tickets are like gold dust to get hold of, If we do see you in person, come down to the DMM on stand on Sunday for a poster signing from DMM athlete and veteran competitor Will Bosi.

Will Bosi will also be in control of the DMM Instagram account so you can catch behind the scenes action on Sunday.

Live streaming
In Europe, all of the action is being streamed on Eurosport. In Latin America you can watch the finals on ESPN Latin America, and in the rest of the world it will be live streamed on YouTube.

Each round is also available for free 24 hours later on the Olympic channel.
Will Bosi climbing Merconi in Margalef
Will Bosi climbing Merconi in Margalef
Sport climbing kit

Want to get into sport climbing? Here’s Will Bosi’s Sport Climbing top DMM kit:
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Trance harness

Weighing in from 310g, the Trance is a the lightest harness in DMM's range.

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Tube chalk bag

The Tube is a classic style chalk bag suitable for all types of climbing.

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Alpha Sport quickdraws

The best quickdraw of 2022 according to Epic TV.