Quickdraw Competition

16 January, 2023

The DMM Quickdraw Competition is a global competition running from 16th January 2023 until 31st March 2023. The rules are simple. Purchase a DMM sport climbing quickdraw during this time, register them here and you could win some amazing prizes.

What can I win?

There will be 25 winners in total. Three top prizes including a guided three-day sport climbing holiday in Costa Blanca with DMM ambassador Trevor Massiah, a three-day rock climbing course with accommodation in Glenmore Lodge and a climbing coaching consultation with DMM ambassador and climbing coach Eric Hörst. You can also kit yourself out with £1,000s of DMM gear.

How do I enter?

Buy any number of new DMM sport climbing quickdraws during the competition. Once bought, log the serial number on each quickdraw using the online form here.

Every piece of kit manufactured at DMM has a unique serial number. This lets us track the unit from manufacture to sale for quality control. Every eligible serial number submitted counts as an entry to the competition.

If you buy directly from DMM, you do not need to submit the serial numbers on the online form, we will collect that information on your behalf.

Which quickdraws are eligible?

DMM has three types of sport climbing quickdraw eligible for the competition; the Alpha Sport (lime or red), the Shadow (purple or blue), and the Shadow Hybrid (purple or blue). These quickdraws come in three sizes: 12cm, 18cm and 25cm.

Any of these quickdraws bought new from a DMM retailer or directly from DMM during competition period are eligible.

Frequently asked questions

How many winners will there be? Every prize listed in the terms and conditions will be given to a unique winner, so 25 winners in total. The first 3 winners picked from the raffle can choose their preferred prize in order until the top 3 prizes have been claimed.

When will the winners be picked? Winners will be picked within 14 days following the end of the competition

How many times can I enter? Every quickdraw bought and logged during the competition period is counted as an entry. If you buy directly from DMM, you do not need to log your serial numbers.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.