COVID-19: Care, Cleaning and Disinfection of DMM Equipment

12 June, 2020

COVID-19 is a relatively new virus, and as such, knowledge relating to successful disinfection of items is growing and evolving rapidly. DMM is therefore unable, at this time, to guarantee the efficacy of any disinfection technique.

We do however recognise that there is a need for manufacturers to provide user guidance to help them manage the risks as best they can. Therefore, we suggest the following.

Whenever practicable ensure that your equipment is personal issue (i.e. not shared) and that you know its usage, exposure to potential contamination, and its cleaning and disinfection regime.

If it is believed that there is a risk that equipment has been exposed to a source of COVID-19 contamination, we recommend that you follow all guidance from relevant authorities to ensure that neither you, nor others, are put at risk. Remove the item from service, label and place securely in a controlled and well-ventilated quarantine area.

At this stage we see 3 distinct paths out of quarantine:

  • Dispose - Render the items unusable and dispose of in a safe manner; or

  • Time – Leave in quarantine for at least 72hrs; and/or

  • Wash – In 30°C clean domestic grade water with liquid soap in the pH range 5.5 to 8.5 for 15 minutes (Our usual instructions state maximum 25°C, but we are implementing a temporary raise to 30°C). Rinse thoroughly. Dry naturally – away from direct heat.

Ensure free movement of air around the equipment both during quarantine and when drying after washing. All other standard storage and cleaning instructions apply throughout this process. Please refer to product specific user instructions.

Ensure that it is not possible for anyone to be put at risk whichever option you choose. All products returned to service should undergo the standard pre-use inspection.

We will continue to monitor information on this topic and will update our guidance in line with evolving best practice.