Fall arrest device.

The Buddy is a hands free fall arrest device that will follow the user up and down the rope.

Minimalist design makes inspection and installation simple, whilst top quality materials increase durability without adding weight.

The Buddy 100 (Gold) is suitable for ropes from 10.5-11mm

The Buddy 200 (Red) is suitable for ropes from 11-12mm


Rated for single person loading

As a fall arrest device it is only necessary to used by a single person. Fall arrest systems must incorporate an independent rescue method.

Free-following protection both up and down a safety line

As a fall arrest device certified to EN 353 it is essential that the device will follow the user both up and down a safety line. Therefore the cam in the Buddy is not sprung loaded allowing the device to run down the rope.

Constant cam angle for smooth and predictable operation

Maintaining a constant angle between the cam in the device and the rope will ensure the device will operate correctly during use.

Screw lockable for semi-permanent attachment to rope

The device can be bolted into a closed position, should you require it to be attached to a safety line and for it to remain in place. For example, on a fixed line at a high ropes course it can be locked onto the rope for each user to clip as needed.

Easily cleaned and inspected

The device has been designed so that it contains very few moving parts and that it can be opened to allow access to these parts, which makes it very easy to clean. Easy access and careful design also make the device simple to inspect.

Tether cord facility

The device can be tethered using a cord tied through the appropriate hole in the body. It can also simply be clipped on one side when open, allowing the user to install/uninstall from the rope whilst still remaining attached to the device in case it is accidentally dropped.

Large attachment eye for multiple connections

The attachment eye is large enough to take numerous connectors, allowing ease of use during any working scenario which can be imagined.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour Weight Rope Diameter Certification
Buddy Gold BUD100 Gold 192g EN353-2:2002
Buddy Red BUD200 Red 192g EN353-2:2002