Tiny pulling power.

A lightweight micro sized pulley that is compatible with our XSRE carabiners. During development it has been tested to 15kN. It is compatible with lines from 2mm-6mm and the pulleys can be combined using a pip-pin to create multi-sheave mechanical advantage systems. They can be rigged with the compact XSRE carabiners or with full size carabiners for higher strength applications.


Swinging side plate design

Large connection hole for use with full strength PPE carabiners

Hollow axle allows pulley to be stacked on pip-pins or an XSRE to be used as a becket

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour MBS WLL Dimensions Weight Rope Diameter Certification
Polo Micro Pulley PUL600MG Matt Grey 2kN 46 x 23 x 12mm 17g EN12278:2007