RPM Shackles

With years of development and testing already under their belt, the RPM has become an incredibly versatile modular system that works smoothly and efficiently. The revolutionary Pulley/Prusik-minding modular structure is a high strength, torsion-resistant building block suitable for rescue, rigging and hauling applications. The swivelling, shackle body accepts various cartridges to allow a multitude of configurations and a certified friction prusik cord interfacing with prusik-minding cheek plates does all of the holding work with minimal 'sit back'. The prusik can be installed at either end to give the option of top or bottom control.

To purchase individual components please visit the pulley spares page.

Product Name Product Code Colour MBS WLL Weight Certification Price
RPM System 30m - SW222/222-30MG
SW222/222-30MG Matt Grey 50kN 10kN 3.75kg Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Specification
RPM System 15m - SW212/222-15MG
SW212/222-15MG Matt Grey 50kN 10kN 2.70kg Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Specification

Compact system - Only 32cm from end to end when compressed.

Dual Control - Prusik can be installed at either end of system, for control by either operator being lowered, operator at top anchor, or both operators simultaneously.

RPM bodies feature swivel components for torsion resistance.

Bespoke eye-to-eye friction hitch cord is matched to side plates for effective Prusik minding function with minimum 'sit back' between lifts.

Low stretch 10mm cord and sealed ball bearings in sheaves ensure efficient hauling.

Easy-to-use locking pins for simple connection/disconnection of friction hitch cord.

Available in 15m or 30m rope length versions.