Jamie Jenkins

Jamie Jenkins

Date of Birth: 9th December 2005

Hometown: Pant Glas, Garndolbenmaen

Jamie first tried climbing aged 7, after growing curious while waiting for his older brother at the local climbing wall. He joined the kids club and was later invited to join the North Wales Climbing Academy. Progression from here was quick, and it wasn’t long before Jamie was turning heads both indoors and out.

As a committed and focused competition climber, and member of the GB National Development Squad, Jamie can regularly be found putting in the hours at the Beacon Climbing Centre. Since he started climbing he has earned podium positions at numerous national events for his age group, most recently placing 2nd at the 2021 Junior British Bouldering Championship and 1st at the 2021 British Lead Climbing Championship. In 2018 Jamie made finals at the international Youth Colour Climbing Festival in Imst, Austria. 

Jamie is also no slouch outdoors on real rock. At just 12 years old, he became the youngest person to climb Ben Moon’s Lower Pen Trwyn endurance test piece, Statement of Youth (8a), and in more recent years has ticked other coveted lines at the crag, including Over the Moon Direct (8a), Mussel Beach (8a), Parasite (8a) and Youthanasia (8b+). He also has an impressive ticklist of powerful local boulder problems, most noteably Roof of the Baby Budda (7C+) and Grey House (7C+) in Maes Newyddion Woods, Diasterpiece (7C/+) in the Llanberis Pass, and Rock Atrocity (7C) in Parasella's Cave. The crowning jewel so far however, was his a send of Pilgrim (8A/+) in Parasella’s Cave in December 2020.

Jamie climbing Youthanasia (8b+) at Lower Pen Trwyn, North Wales.
Jamie on Youthanasia (8b+) at Lower Pen Trwyn, North Wales.


What do you like most about climbing as a sport? 

I like the fact that there are many different types of climbing, but I enjoy competition climbing the most. I like the challenge of problem solving, the movement and topping out, and of course the atmosphere is contagious. The support you get from the audience and your peers, for me it gives me the drive to top the climb.

This last year with climbing walls closed and no competitions I've really enjoyed sport climbing and bouldering outdoors, my favourite climbing area is Lower Pen Trwyn on The Great Orme.

What do you like most about the climbing community?

They’re a friendly bunch, everyone helps and encourages each other. It is really good fun and climbing with my friends is great.

Do you have any long-term goals for climbing?

Long term, the Olympics but I hope to get a few medals along the way at a European Youth Cup and/or Championship! This next season it would be awesome to compete at the Youth World Championships in the USA.

Do you have any goals for the future?

I am looking forward to travelling with my climbing, and I would like to go to university to study Sports Science and job wise do something climbing related. Uni has got to be Leeds, as this is where my coaching team is based plus it’s a good climbing area!

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