Treemagineers Ltd is a design house specialising in the development of products for the arboricultural and work at height industries. Drawing on their own experiences on work sites, they evolve concepts, iterate prototypes and cooperate with competent practitioners across the globe to validate components, assemblies and systems to ensure that their products are relevant, fully developed and safe.

Treemagineers test their prototypes relentlessly to give confidence that they are suitable for the proposed tasks and the range of environments within which they might be put to work. Treemagineers cooperate closely with the best manufacturers in their field to fully express the potential of the designs, to certify products to relevant norms and, critically, to quality assure production. Many Treemagineers developments are protected by patents.

Since 2004, DMM and Treemagineers have been close partners. We push each other hard to expand the DMM Professional range with products that are especially relevant to tree care, fall protection, rescue and rigging applications. Outputs from the collaboration include carabiners, pulleys, carabiners which include pulleys(!), rigging plates, buckles, harnesses, rope tools and bags.

DMM recognises the contribution that Treemagineers makes to its range by placing their widely recognised Treemagineers logo on relevant product pages of this website.

Together, we have many developments in the pipeline, so expect to see more products from this creative collaboration soon!