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Winter Newsletter 2023/24

Anna Wells On The Winter Munro Round


Anna Wells is making remarkable progress on her continuous round of the Scottish Munros.

Esclatamasters (9a) For Solveig Korherr


Solveig Korherr has been on incredible form, recently onsighting Humildes pa Casa (8b+), as well as making an ascent of Esclatamàsters (8c+).

Introducing The Cortex 


Our new premium ice tool is set to land in autumn 2024. We couldn't be more excited to bring this stunning piece of engineering to market.

Winter Munro Round - Anna Wells Passes Halfway Mark

AW Munro Journey.png__PID:2d48e5cd-1328-45ec-8b80-6b8f39b08fba

Many in the hillwalking and climbing world are familiar with the Munros – any of Scotland's mountains with an elevation of more than 3000ft. Whether or not you see yourself as actively 'bagging' Munros, the idea of having a well-defined list of 282 summits to conquer is undeniably enticing (and downright addictive). If that doesn't quite do it for you, how about ticking off all 282 summits in one continuous, unbroken journey, in the middle of the Scottish winter? This is known as a 'Winter Munro Round' and is precisely the thing that Anna Wells is currently undertaking.

She is currently more than halfway through this mammoth challenge,  expecting to spend a total of 3 months on the route. It's an ambitious undertaking, and it's remarkable to consider that each individual summit in itself is a unique challenge. Over the past month Anna has dealt with everything from storms, blizzards, overbearing snow coverage and wonderfully wet outings.  It serves as a microcosm of all of British hillwalking, reflecting the diverse character encapsulated within the scope of this massive challenge.


The Vertex has also seen considerable use in steeper environments.

Some great input from Anna regarding choice of ice axe

We caught up with Anna during a period of warmer weather, with snow and harder ice hanging onto the summits only. In these marginal conditions, an axe is often still required, but you can seriously feel the weight of it on that boggy walk in.... enter lightweight options like the Vertex (shown in pics) and Flux axes. Anna shares her experience of a classic day where ground conditions are in flux.

'Grateful for my new Flux axe from @dmm_wales , who have kindly supported me for several years. It might not look like an axe was needed today, but I actually used it twice for two long controlled bumslides!'

Esclatamàsters (8c+) For Solveig Korherr

DMM Solveig - 2 webp 3072x2048.webp__PID:8c7e4c22-47f5-42f3-91ba-80917b8c74ca

Solveig Korherr working through the crux on Esclatamàsters. Photo: @pinopictures

On a roll of hard climbs

Solveig Korherr is in incredible form, having just made an ascent of Esclatamàsters (9a)* in Perles, Lleida, Catalonia. This follows her recent onsight of Humildes pa Casa (8b+), her first of the grade.  

First climbed by Ramón Julián Puigblanque in 2006, Esclatamàsters saw no repeats for six years. With only a dozen ascents recorded in total,  this route has cemented its status as one for the elites. Solveig described the line as combining two totally contrasting climbing styles, transitioning from powerful tufa moves to tiny crimps, and demanding good power-endurance.

Solveig is on a roll and has undoubtedly kicked off the year in a big way. We're eagerly anticipating what's on the horizon for her in 2024, as she appears to be both unstoppable and highly motivated for hard routes.

*Note - Solveig has suggested downgrade of 8c+ for Esclatamàsters

About Solveig Korherr

Solveig hails from Steißlingen in southern Germany. She started climbing at the age of six, and has racked up an array of impressive sport climbing accomplishments over the years. In 2018 she climbed her first 8b+, Kale Borroka in Siurana, and solidified this success with eight more climbs of the same grade within a year. Following this, in May 2019 Solveig climbed her first 8c, Nobody is Perfect in Vorarlberg, Austria, swiftly followed by Battle Cat (8c/+) in the Frankenjura.

Fast forward a few years, and Solveig has broken yet more elite barriers in the world of sport climbing, having made ascents of three routes currently graded at 9a - most recently Esclatamàsters at Perles, Lleida, Catalonia.

From Solveig
“I love the feeling of progression. How something, which can seem once upon a time so extreme as a goal, can be rendered achievable.”

Introducing the Cortex Technical Ice Tool

DMM’s new flagship ice tool, the fully Type 2 (T) rated Cortex, is available this autumn. Featuring a one-piece I-beam exoskeleton, it is ideally suited to steep and technical terrain on ice and rock. The optimum weight distribution makes for a perfectly balanced swing. Its curved shaft gives excellent clearance for daggering, topping out, and reaching over ice bulges and cauliflowers.

A modular pick system has the choice of three picks, two hammers and pick weights. An innovative cord point can be threaded with up to 5mm cord to attach Freedom leashes.

Detail Image 2.webp__PID:c4c020af-658d-47d2-a875-5f0f2913ae16

DMM athlete and alpinist, Quentin Roberts, 2023 Piolet d'Or winner, gave this feedback from field testing: "The weight distribution is excellent, and it swings beautifully. It feels incredibly secure. I climbed Cerro Torre with it doing the Adela-Torre Traverse, and it handled everything from ice and snow to mixed terrain seamlessly".

In this video, Quentin Roberts shares useful insight following his use of the Cortex in Patagonia.
You can find out more about Quentin and his incredible journeys on our brand ambassador page

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