Stal Anchors

Independent and equalised stainless steel climbing wall anchors featuring low profile updated 'pucks'.

Available in three configurations: stand-alone anchor, with two 10mm PPE stainless maillons for bottom roping or two captive bar Alpha Steel carabiners for lead anchor use.

Product Name Product Code Colour Price
Stal Stainless Anchor - ST-SSTP
ST-SSTP Black/Silver
Stal Stainless Bottom Rope Anchor - ST-SSTPMR
ST-SSTPMR Black/Silver
Stal Stainless Lead Anchor - ST-SSTPAS
ST-SSTPAS Black/Silver
10mm Maillon - PPENZ10
PPENZ10 Silver
7mm Stainless Cross Link Maillon - ST-SS-80
ST-SS-80 Silver
Stal Bottom Rope/Lead Anchor - ST-SSTPMRAS
ST-SSTPMRAS Black/Silver
Stal Quad Anchor - ST-SSTPQ
ST-SSTPQ Black/Silver

Modular design allowing easy replacement of wear parts

Genuine redundancy and very strong

Spaced away from the wall to reduce wear on the carabiner and the wall