Classic Rope Bag 32L


Durable, spacious; classic.

The Classic Rope bag is ideal for trips to the wall or sport crag. It has enough room for an 80m rope, and extras like a rack of quickdraws or harness and shoes.

Detachable straps allow the Classic to be carried as a rucksack or courier bag. Compression straps help keep the load centred, while a zip pocket provides security for your valuables.



Detachable padded straps allow rucksack or courier style carrying

The Classic's padded shoulder straps are detachable, and can be arranged for either rucksack, or across the shoulder 'courier' style carrying.

Compression straps allow efficient load management

Compression straps keep loads in an optimum position within the bag, giving better balance and comfort on approaches. They can also secure equipment like axes or walking poles without taking up valuable internal bag space.

Zip pocket for storing valuables

An external zip pockets keeps your valuables safe, secure and separate from the rest of the bags contents.

Rope tarp keeps rope clean and untangled

A removable tarpaulin keeps ropes free from dirt and protects them from wear and tear. It also features tie in points to keep your rope free of tangles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Rich Burton
Great bag

Love this bag! Keeps my rope tidy, can fit shoes & snacks too + it's comfortable to wear when there's a long approach

Will Goodrum

Really versatile with the straps and appreciate the rope tarp

Beautiful and Great Sized Bag

The bag looks just as nice as in the photos and the size is ideal for a day out, even if you need to bring some extra bits. Fit my 10mm, 70m DMM statement as well as a full trad rack and my shoes. Also surprisingly comfy backpack straps.

David Walker
Really great bag

Just the right size for your rope, rack, harness & helmet plus a few extras. Comfortable even on the longer walk ins - have used it over and over again and just love it :)

James East
Multipurpose bag

Great bag with so many uses. I know its designed as a rope bag and is great for that. You can easily fit two 60m ropes in it but also use it for gym sessions.
I caneasily fit all of mine and my wife's stuff in their including mtoile pairs of shoes, snacks brushes, tape etc and with the full length zip it's great to just stuff everything in and you can easily rummage around for whatever you need