Edge Boulder Chalk Bag


Now we're chalkin'.

A chalk bucket with carrying capacity for all your bouldering essentials.


Closure system prevents chalk from escaping

The mouth of the chalk bag is secured with a draw-cord to keep chalk where you need it - in your bag.

2 brush holder attachments

The Edge has attachments for 2 brushes, making it ideal when bouldering with friends.

Velcro pocket and zip pocket gives carrying space for all your essentials

The Velcro pocket is quick access, while the zip pocket keeps belongings secure.

Stable base keeps the Edge upright

The Edge has a large stable base that keeps the bag upright, and your chalk secure.

Customer Reviews

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Eben Muse
For those who like a bag with a bit of heft. The Ford Mustang of chalk buckets.

This bag isn't for alpine excursions or even for fast and light long distance walk-ins. What you have here is the ford mustang of bouldering buckets. It'll hold all the chalk you could ever want and it'll feel damn good doing it. Could it have more features? Yeah maybe, but why would you want any more, it's perfect as is.

The colours are gorgeous, there are elastics which firmly hold your brushes (none of these loose flimsy ones you see - pee yew), a zip pocket to keep your toe clippers or whatever finger juice they've decided to sell you next, it's squatness lends stability (better for the environment as it reduces spillage), and is reminiscent of the bonnet of a classic american muscle car.