Liquid Chalk


Liquid courage for long routes

Liquid chalk gives you the edge on long routes. It is more effective over time, and more resistant to wearing off than dry chalk. Liquid chalk forms a layer on your hands that prevents sweat from getting through and loosening your grip on the holds. 

Isopropyl Alcohol (75-90%)


  • Liquid chalk for long routes and boulder problems
  • Dries quickly to form a long lasting layer
  • More resistant to wearing off than dry chalk
  • Liquid form means less mess than dry chalk
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (75-90%)

Customer Reviews

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Francesco Sportelli
buon rapporto qualità prezzo

buona alternativa alla magnesite tradizionale. È più facile da applicare e offre una presa più duratura. Meno piacevole al tatto di altre magnesiti, ha una resistenza minore e una consistenza meno cremosa

Eben Muse
Liquid chalk - decent

Liquid chalk - I could say a lot about liquid chalk.

Rumour has it that it's fatal to the covid-19 virus, and makes you a grade stronger. I would love if DMM provided information on their sourcing of chalk as the retail space for chalk has become a lot more crowded in recent years and brands have turned to environmental credentials as a point of difference.

Is it mined, is it a by-product of desalination? Is it collected and recycled from those air filters that have started popping up at expensive walls? I have literally no way of knowing and I did have a quick google.

Performance wise, I think it performs solidly - better than Black Diamond chalk or wild country liquid chalk but not really at the heady heights of Gekco. Extra points for having a leak-proof cap for the bottle!