Captive eye swivel connector.

Is it a swivel or is it a captive eye connector? In fact, it's both. The Sidewinder is a directional connector with an integral swivel. Essential in applications when there is a need to manage spin, rotate the load relative to the anchor or simply to minimise lanyard tangles. The Sidewinder is often used as a connector on guided fall arresters as it can be captive on a system, allows rotation by the user and is quick, easy and secure when connected.


Captive eye for permanent connection

Sometimes it is essential for a connector to stay in the correct orientation or to be permanently attached to a system. The DMM captive eye connectors, with their textile friendly attachment holes, can be stitched into a rope or webbing loop, or swaged directly onto cable. They provide predicable direction of load and total security as the connector cannot be removed or misaligned.

Aggressive loading groove forces load into correct place

Keylock clean nose for snag free connection

DMM's patented 'Taperlock' closing mechanism increases gate push-in and cross gate strength using a special flared profile on the nose of the carabiner, as well as allowing a snag free connection for your ropes, slings and devices.

Locking gate types


Manual locking gate requiring screwing/unscrewing of the barrel to lock/unlock.


Auto-locking gate requiring two distinct actions to open.


Auto-locking gate requiring three distinct actions to open.


Auto-locking gate requiring four distinct operations to open. Force must be maintained throughout or the gate returns to safe (locked).

Kwiklock ANSI

Same gate action as Kwiklock but the connector is also required to exceed 16kN in minor axis, side load and gate face tests.

Locksafe ANSI

Same gate action as Locksafe but the connector is also required to exceed 16kN in minor axis, side load and gate face tests.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Dimensions Weight MBS (Major Axis) MBS (Minor Axis) MBS (Gate Open) Gate Opening Certification
Sidewinder Locksafe A98K71 70 x 205mm 235g 25kN 20mm EN362:2004 T
Sidewinder Locksafe ANSI A98K71ANSI 70 x 205mm 259g 25kN 16kN 15mm EN362:2004 T
ANSI/ASSE Z359.12-2019
CAN/CSA Z259.12-16