The Tendon provides a tidy solution for lifting knee ascenders providing improved efficiency whilst ascending ropes.  

A long length of high performance shock cord is routed around the full circumference of the user's waist, resulting in a greater elongation range and more consistent tension as it stretches. The whole system fully retracts neatly inside when not in use.

The smooth and flared inlet to the tube and the dyneema mantle of the elastic reduces wear, improves efficiency and increases lifespan.

The Tendon Tube Clips are designed to interface with the attachment holes on the Kinisi harnesses.

The XSRE Swivel Carabiner (included) provides a secure and compact means for connecting into the knee ascender. With the addition of a second XSRE Swivel Carabiner* both ends of the elastic can be connected in, doubling the lifting power and helping to keep the system aligned.

*XSRE Swivel Carabiner is soon to be available for purchasing individually.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour Weight Certification
Tendon HC600T Red 112g Not PPE