Vault Wire Gate


Secure hooks.

The Vault is a secure and durable tool holder that can be used on everything from harnesses and kit bags to vehicles.

The two part aluminium alloy Vault is secured using a stainless steel bolt and is the ideal solution for ice screws, gear storage, organisation and transportation.


  • Strong, safe and secure
  • One handed operation for ease of use
  • Top ‘shelf’ allows in situ gear selection
  • Low nose profile minimises hook-ups
  • Max webbing size: 45 x 3mm
  • WLL 3kN - Not PPE
  • User installable - flat bladed screwdriver required

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour Weight Certification
Vault Wire Gate Red/Silver A558 Silver/Red 63g Not PPE
Vault Wire Gate Lime A558LG Lime 63g Not PPE
Vault Wire Gate Matt Grey A558MG Matt Grey 63g Not PPE

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Adam Hayden
Vault Wire Gate

This is a must have! The wire gate allows for very fast racking and unracking of climbing equipment from your harness! It clips to your harness and then is locked in place with a screw, this means that the vault is now rigid and you can rack your gear with one hand without having to steady the carabiner with your other hand.

I have one of these on either side of my harness for when I am on my spikes to clip my climbing ropes back out of the way.

Phil Stevens

Just so so much better than Caritools or the BD offering. No deforming/opening gates spilling screws everywhere. Yes they are a lot pricier, but you get what you pay for. I use one locking and one non-locking. Attachment to the harness is super-secure - just check it fits as it's too snug for some clipper slots