Aether Quickdraw


Blue sky thinking.

The Aether is suited to fast and light climbs where there can be no compromise in weight or security.

Its lightweight body is complemented by a clean nose to prevent accidental opening or snagging. Security is enhanced by 8kN open gate and 21kN major axis strengths.

When pushing your limits on an alpine climb or a tough trad onsight, the Aether is the ideal carabiner.

Mounted on a 11mm Dynatec Dyneema® sling, the Aether quickdraw is for those who refuse to compromise between weight and security.

Also available as alpine quickdraws with an 8mm 60cm Dynatec sling.


Super-light quickdraw for minimum weight

Super-light carabiners are mounted on slim-line Dynatec to create quickdraws that minimise weight. These quickdraws are suitable for alpine climbing, trad onsighting, and any other scenario where minimum weight is desirable.

Mounted on 11mm Dynatec to balance low weight and durability

Dynatec is strong and light, allowing thin and flexible slings to be used to connect carabiners. An 11mm diameter sling strikes a balance between minimal weight and durability, creating lightweight quickdraws that can withstand repeated use.

Wire gate carabiners for maximum weight saving

Wire gates are the lightest gate type available, and are appropriate for trad, alpine and winter climbing, where minimal weight is desirable. They are less likely to freeze and clog with ice than solid gate biners, making them ideal for winter and alpine climbing.

Fully clean nose for extra security

A secondary forging process creates a recess in the carabiner nose that houses the gate notch. This creates a smooth inner profile that prevents snagging on gear, ropes and slings. It also means the nose of the carabiner is wider than the gate, guarding against accidental gate opening caused by rubbing on rock.

I-Beam construction for optimum strength to weight ratio

I-Beam construction techniques allow carabiners to be lighter without compromising strength. This is achieved through hot forging, a process which allows metal to be made into complex shapes that improve functionality.

Contrasting carabiner colours identify rope and gear ends of quickdraw

Contact with wires and bolts can mark a carabiner with sharp edges that might be harmful to ropes. The carabiners on our quickdraws are differentiated by colour, allowing you to consistently use the same end for either protection or ropes.

Tech Specs

Aether Quickdraw Product Code Colour Length Weight Gate Opening
12cm / Single A498-12 Turquoise/Matt Grey 12cm 65g 23mm
12cm / 6 Pack A498-12P6 Turquoise/Matt Grey 12cm 390g 23mm
18cm / Single A498-18 Turquoise/Matt Grey 18cm 67g 23mm
18cm / 6 Pack A498-18P6 Turquoise/Matt Grey 18cm 402g 23mm
25cm / Single A498-25 Turquoise/Matt Grey 25cm 70g 23mm
25cm / 6 Pack A498-25P6 Turquoise/Matt Grey 25cm 420g 23mm
60cm / Single A498-60 Turquoise/Matt Grey 60cm 82g 23mm