Revolver Wiregate


Rock and roll legend.

The Revolver is a ground breaking concept that has gained legendary status for industrial and recreational use. Take the advantages of lightweight aluminium connectors and morph them with a roller wheel from a pulley and you've got an incredibly versatile piece of equipment: counterweight rescues, clipping tight lines, hauling chainsaws, deviating running ropes, etc. the list goes on.

For rock climbing, the Revolver's integrated pulley wheel allows ropes to run more efficiently through the carabiner. Used at changes of direction on a route, it helps reduce rope drag.


Integrated pulley wheel for reducing friction

The pulley wheel reduces friction and increases movement efficiency. It can combat rope drag on complex pitches, and decrease rope wear when used as an anchor point when top roping. The Revolver can also create mechanical advantage in a lightweight hauling system, making it indispensable as part of a climber’s personal rescue kit. The pulley wheel is functional with loads up to 11kN.

Wire gate for maximum weight saving

Wire gates are the lightest gate type available, and resist freezing shut in cold conditions. They help reduce rack weight, and are ideal for trad, winter, and alpine climbing.

Small gate notch reduces snagging

Wire gate carabiners require a gate notch to achieve their full strength rating. Our notches are minimised while remaining functional, to reduce snagging on other equipment.

I-Beam construction for optimum strength to weight ratio

I-Beam construction reduces carabiner weight without compromising strength. It is achieved through hot forging, which allows metal to be formed in complex shapes that improve functionality.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Dimensions Weight MBS (Major Axis) MBS (Minor Axis) MBS (Gate Open) Certification
Revolver Wiregate Titanium A238 59 x 103mm 51g 24kN 7kN 9kN EN12275:2013 B
UIAA121:2009 Class B
Revolver Wiregate Lime A238LG 59 x 103mm 51g 24kN 7kN 9kN EN12275:2013 B
UIAA121:2009 Class B
Revolver Wiregate Matt Grey A238MG 59 x 103mm 51g 24kN 7kN 9kN EN12275:2013 B
UIAA121:2009 Class B

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Reduce the drag

I’ve equipped several of my long sports draws with these so when under a bulge or some feature where rope drag is an issue .It allows the rope to run freely and works a treat. I also always use one on the first bolt as this stops the carabiner wearing out due to the rope rubbing when lowing off and working a route plus on the lower off to avoid unnecessary wear on the anchor. Excellent bit of kit.


Great bit of kit for so many situations.

Phil Stevens
Handy little tool

I carry mine as part of an alpine draw, that then steps into use as a crevasse rescue piece. The tests done by some might show pretty minimal efficiency gains, but I've tried it in real testing and it works great. I just wish the krab was a more normal shape, so as to fit with Tiblocs (use an extra krab as a link)

Barnaby Adams
Niche but very useful.

I have two of these and they have proven invaluable for use on extended minimal gear placements and have work well when used as part of a rope ascent system. One of the ones I own is several years old now and still rolls smoothly.