Pre-release information.
Shipping August 2024.

Lightweight, strong and compact pulley.
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Lightweight, strong and compact, this pulley uses sealed ball bearings for excellent efficiency. The extensions on the hot forged side plates not only protect the rope and sheave when running near surfaces, but also have thickened tabs designed to optimally tend a prusik for progress capture. These features make it an ideal pulley to use in hauling systems for smaller loads.


  • Ultra compact pulleys
  • Propel: attachment hole is enlarged to allow for rotation of the gate through for easier system set up
  • Propel: Prusik minding tabs allow pulley to be easily built into progress capture hauling systems
  • Propel:Forged prusik minding tabs have an increased width compared to simple plate pulleys which give better engagement of prusik
  • Propel: Wider side profile protects the rope when running close to surfaces
  • Hot forged, with smooth rope and textile friendly fairleads and edges
  • Connect directly in with textile components for extra
  • versatility: increase lift height, minimise space required, or enhance tolerance to torsion
  • Sealed ball bearings for high efficiency and low maintenance
  • Use with ropes up to 11mm diameter
  • Lightweight but strong: 25kN MBS and 5kN WLL
  • Tamperproof construction
  • Made in Wales, and certified for peace of mind