Spectre Quickdraw


Versatile clipping.

The Spectre quickdraw is perfect for climbers building their first rack. The carabiners are full sized for easy handling, have a small gate notch for reduced snagging, and I-Beam construction to reduce weight.

A lightweight 11mm Dynatec Dyneema® sling links the carabiners, making a great starter quickdraw that can be used for all styles of climbing.


All-round quickdraw for flexibility

All-round range are mounted on 11mm Dynatec to give quickdraws that can be used for sport, trad or winter climbing. Full sized carabiners are easy to handle when pumped or wearing gloves, while 11mm Dynatec is lightweight and robust. If you want one set of quickdraws to cover all your climbing, go for all-rounders.

Mounted on 11mm Dynatec to balance low weight and durability

Dynatec is strong and light, allowing thin and flexible slings to be used to connect carabiners. An 11mm diameter sling strikes a balance between minimal weight and durability, creating lightweight quickdraws that can withstand repeated use.

Wire gate carabiners for maximum weight saving

Wire gates are the lightest gate type available, and are appropriate for trad, alpine and winter climbing, where minimal weight is desirable. They are less likely to freeze and clog with ice than solid gate biners, making them ideal for winter and alpine climbing.

Small gate notch reduces snagging

Carabiners with wire gates need a gate notch to achieve their full strength rating. The notches on these carabiners are as small as possible while remaining functional, reducing the chance of them snagging on other equipment.

I-Beam construction for optimum strength to weight ratio

I-Beam construction techniques allow carabiners to be lighter without compromising strength. This is achieved through hot forging, a process which allows metal to be made into complex shapes that improve functionality.

Contrasting carabiner colours identify rope and gear ends of quickdraw

Contact with wires and bolts can mark a carabiner with sharp edges that might be harmful to ropes. The carabiners on our quickdraws are differentiated by colour, allowing you to consistently use the same end for either protection or ropes.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour Length Weight Gate Opening Certification
Green / 12cm / Single A358-12GRA Matt Grey/Green 12cm 75g 23mm
Green / 12cm / 6 Pack A358-12GRAP6 Matt Grey/Green 12cm 450g 23mm
Green / 18cm / Single A358-18GRA Matt Grey/Green 18cm 77g 23mm
Green / 18cm / 6 Pack A358-18GRAP6 Matt Grey/Green 18cm 462g 23mm
Green / 25cm / Single A358-25GRA Matt Grey/Green 25cm 80g 23mm
Green / 25cm / 6 Pack A358-25GRAP6 Matt Grey/Green 25cm 400g 23mm
Blue / 12cm / Single A358-12BLA Matt Grey/Blue 12cm 75g 23mm
Blue / 12cm / 6 Pack A358-12BLAP6 Matt Grey/Blue 12cm 450g 23mm
Blue / 18cm / Single A358-18BLA Matt Grey/Blue 18cm 77g 23mm
Blue / 18cm / 6 Pack A358-18BLAP6 Matt Grey/Blue 18cm 462g 23mm
Blue / 25cm / Single A358-25BLA Matt Grey/Blue 25cm 80g 23mm
Blue / 25cm / 6 Pack A358-25BLAP6 Matt Grey/Blue 25cm 480g 23mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Smooth opening and operation

Will Mancini
First gear i bought

These draws are such a good starting point and still see use on nearly every dry day. Literally can do it all, come in handy for trad, sport, rope soloing everything.

Good range

These sizes with some longer slings gives a good spread of lengths for trad climbing. The 18cm ones in particular get a little bit twisted though.

Will Goodrum

So good

Dominic Pilkington
Mega light workhorses

The perfect draws for that sport project you can't quite get up because of those old, bulky quickdraws your grandad gave you from the 'good old days'. Do gramps proud, get some spectres