Nylon 26mm


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Workhorse slings.

Nylon 26mm slings carry a 30kN strength rating and are an ideal durable sling option. Nylon slings are wider and heavier than Dynatec for the same strength rating. However, it is a good all-round material that withstands repeated flexing better than Dynatec, has greater shock absorbsion, is less expensive and has a higher melting point. This makes nylon slings appropriate for heavy use by outdoor centres and rescue teams.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Length Colour Width Weight Strength Certification
60cm MA2660BLK 60cm Black 26mm 72 30kN EN566:2017
EN795:2012 B
120cm MA26120BLK 120cm Black 26mm 138 30kN EN566:2017
EN795:2012 B
240cm MA26240BLK 240cm Black 26mm 276 30kN EN566:2017
EN795:2012 B

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