Your nuts won't stand a chance.

In an ideal world the leader places protection with some thought to how easy it will be to retrieve for their second. In reality this rarely happens, and nut keys are invaluable for retrieving jammed gear.

The Nutbuster takes this simple concept and refines it. A rubber handle gives a firm grip, and lets you bash the Nutbuster to remove stuck protection. It can be removed to reveal a 17mm spanner that lets you tighten loose bolts. The Nutbuster is laser cut from stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance, with holes cut into it to minimise weight.

A versatile and functional tool that every trad climber should carry.


Rubber Handle makes retrieving stuck protection easier.

The Nutbuster's rubber handle protects your hands if you need to hit the end to retrieve stuck gear.

Laser cut from stainless steel for low weight and corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel construction increases the Nutbusters longevity by protecting it against corrosion. It also reduces weight, so carrying a Nutbuster won't slow you down.

Narrow profile aids access to deep or awkward placements

The Nutbuster is thin and has a relatively small head, allowing it to reach placements that would otherwise be very difficult to clean.

17mm spanner lets you tighten loose bolts

Underneath the rubber handle is a 17mm spanner that will fit most bolts, allowing you to tighten loose bolts on sport routes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Sol Armer
Best nut key i've ever owned

Had a few nut keys over the years, but this is the most comfortable to use. The plastic padding around the top is really nice on your hands and the shape is well designed.

Nice bit of kit that does the job

There's not much you can write about a nut tool but this one fits the bill better than most on the market, the coloured rubber is a nice touch and saves your palms when bashing out stubborn nuts.

Hurts less

With cold hands the rubber buffer for smacking it makes life just that little bit better. Otherwise, nut key does what nut key does.

Will Mancini
My tool of choice

I pride myself on my ability to get stuck nuts out and this is absolutely my weapon of choice.

Joe Griffiths
slender nut tool for busting in tight places

my partner complained my nut tool was too girthy, and suggested i got a nutbuster instead due to it's slender form.

I also think the addition of a spanner for getting the nuts super tight on those dodgy quarryhole bolts is a great feature.