Terrier 2


Rock and ice protection with bite.

The Terrier creates placement options in water ice, frozen turf and thin cracks, providing security to winter climbers on marginal ground. The small size means it can be used in the most marginal terrain: small turf blobs, thin ice smears and thin seams are all potential terrier placements. A shorter handle means that leverage is reduced in places where a bulldog would be at risk of pulling out.

The design features from the Bulldog are present in miniature form: An easy strike spine for quick and accurate placement, a handle which facilitates easy extraction for your second, extendable sling for reducing drag and 10kN rating make the Terrier a piece of gear no mixed climber can afford to leave at home.

Pairing the Terrier with a Bulldog gives you a wide range of innovative placement options in the winter environment.


Lighter than ever

Weighing a measly 70g, your winter rack will hardly sniff at the Terrier as a great addition for protection on marginal ground. This low weight is in-part achieved with use of the alpine-focused 8mm sling (extendable).

Size gives high security in certain placement types

The reduced size of the Terrier allows it to be used in placements where the Bulldog would struggle for stability. Small patches of frozen turf, thin ice smears and micro seams are all viable Terrier placements. Even the most marginal features are potential protection options when carrying a Terrier.

Ice pick profile allows driving into frozen turf, ice or cracks

The Terrier resembles an ice pick, allowing it to create protection options in any place you'd use your axe. Water ice, frozen turf and iced up cracks all become protection options when armed with a Terrier.

Large hammering area makes for easier placements

The spine of the Terrier presents a large target for hammering, letting you make placements with minimal energy.

Long handle creates leverage for easy removal

The handle of the Terrier gives you a good grasp to lever the device out of whatever it has been driven into, aiding extraction and letting you get on with the climbing.

Extendable sling gives versatile and easily extended placements

The extendable 8mm Dynatec sling allows a Terrier placement to be quickly and easily extended. This is crucial in the winter environment where long and wandering pitches are common, communication is difficult, and rope drag must be kept to a minimum.

Lightening holes reduce weight

We've laser cut holes in the Terrier that reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

Achieves 10kN in lab tensile testing, giving high levels of security

In tensile testing our Terriers rate to 10kN static load. Provided the material they are placed in is strong and the placement good, the Terrier will provide you with lightweight security in a wide variety of situations.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour Weight Strength Certification
Terrier 2 C2385 Black 70g 10kN ITS-QUAL-04 V1

Customer Reviews

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James Williams
Get out of jail free card

It’s not all sinker screws and bomber ice in the uk it’s usually sketchy cams and snowy heather. So when there is nowt else bang one of these in the turf and be an agressive terrier for the rest of the pitch… or bail with your tail between your legs

reassuringly solid

you would think this is only really a marginal piece of pro to compliment your rack, but when placed into decent frozen turf it feels just as solid as its bigger brother!