Tool Bag


Carrying essentials.

The DMM Tool Bag is an essential piece of equipment for any technician who has to carry equipment to a worksite at height. Heavy duty fabrics and semi-rigid 'Equal D' cylinder shape make it free standing for easy loading and the easy opening/closing top makes it simple to use. Multiple clipping and racking options help organization of tools and keep dropped object potential to a minimum. The 6litre bag is tall enough to fit most longer tools such as spanners and hammers. DMM always recommend using lanyards on tools whilst working at height.


  • Made from heavy duty Tarpaulin for strength and durability
  • Carabiner or belt attachment options
  • Draw cord closure
  • Internal racking loops
  • Daisy chain outside webbing for kit connection
  • Two tubular carry handles that also double as racking loops
  • Reflective piping and logo for night locating
  • Volume: 6L, Height: 31cm, Approx. Diameter: 15cm, Weight: 175g
    Volume: 4L, Height: 21cm, Approx. Diameter: 15cm, Weight: 215g

Customer Reviews

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Tool bag

I got got 2 small one's and a big one to make a tool belt for work use as i dangle off ladders scafholding and magic carpets a lot while puting up steel work, the 6l one is like a black hole it can swallow hole galixys!! have found it's a tad too big to use so only use the smaller ones now but i now use it as a rope bag as it swallows a 10mm 30m long climbing rope with ease,

The smaller 4l ones are a better size for a tool belt and so much easyer to use than a cheep tool belt to get bolts and tools out witch is good when your holding up steelwork with one hand and trying to get bolts out with your other hand.

If you need a small tool bag you wont go wrong with these as there awesome quality and handy for loads off things.

Joe Batir
Valuable addition to any climbing kit

This bag is advertised for tree service, but I've used it for just about anything associated with climbing:
- Tree work
- outdoor route setting
- indoor route setting
- tree house building
- bird house installation

Really, any time you are in the air and need an extra hand, this bag is what you need.

Please though, don't mix your tree trimming bag with your climbing gear!

Jacob Dilling
Tool bag

Brilliant bag and super durable, take it everywhere with me when working and it’s stood the test of time

James Williams
Handy little tool bag

Whether working or new routing a good tool bag is always a crucial bit of kit. Simple closure tough material and multiple attachement points are all you need. Could just do with a lighter colour on the inside to see what you’re looking for