Nylon Vari-width


Replacement sport quickdraw dogbone.

The main sling body has a 26mm diameter, making it easy to grab hold of and pull on when working routes. This tapers to 16mm at either end, to securely hold carabiners in the optimum orientation for loading. Supplied with a rubber keeper that keeps the rope end carabiner correctly orientated for easy clipping.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Length Colour Width Weight Strength Certification
QD Sling / 12cm MA16SL12 12cm Anthracite 16-25mm 18g 22kN EN566:2017
QD Sling / 18cm MA16SL18 18cm Anthracite 16-25mm 24g 22kN EN566:2017
QD Sling / 25cm MA16SL25 25cm Anthracite 16-25mm 33g 22kN EN566:2017
Keeper 5 pack / N/A KEEPVW-P5 Black 29g

Customer Reviews

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Revive your rack

I had a rack of old DMM Aero draws which were getting up to the five year mark. The carabiners were still in great condition but it was time to retire the dogbones. Once I changed them out for the Nylon Vari-Width dogbones, it felt like I had a brand new rack! Can't recommend these enough. Short of buying a set of new Alpha Sport draws, this is a great way to update your sport rack without breaking the bank. The various lengths are super useful as well.

Tom Thorne
Great for sport climbing

Do you buy dedicated sport quickdraws? For years I thought I'll make do with my trad ones. The minute you get wide dogbones on dedicated sport quickdraws it makes life so easy. Pulling on them when you've fallen off and or projecting a route becomes much much easier. If you are keen to get better at climbing in a sport context these are the answer. Get some and you won't be disappointed....