The missing links

Linkits are the missing link in lightweight compact rigging. Based around a 'boss and yoke' concept, this line of connecting components is compatible with a range of DMM products, such as Compact Shackles, Focus and Nexus.

These CE-compliant elements open up a world of creative rigging options with the added advantage of making discrete systems possible. They enable very short connections making them ideal for height-constrained situations and confined spaces.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour MBS WLL Dimensions Weight Certification
Linkit Y3 SW540 Matt Grey 26kN 5kN 50g Manufacturers Technical Specification QAP95
Linkit B3 SW530 Matt Grey 26kN 5kN 20g Manufacturers Technical Specification QAP95
Linkit B2 SW520 Matt Grey 26kN 5kN 12g Manufacturers Technical Specification QAP95
Linkit B2T SW510 Matt Grey 26kN 5kN 8g Manufacturers Technical Specification QAP95

Customer Reviews

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Lee Tinnion
The future of rigging?

A very impressive development in the world of rigging. Slow to set up and definitely not something to do in a hurry but the results are impressive, extremely compact. sleek and lightweight rigging.