Blue sky thinking.

The Aether is suited to fast and light climbs where there can be no compromise in weight or security.

Its lightweight body is complemented by a clean nose to prevent accidental opening or snagging. Security is enhanced by 8kN open gate and 21kN major axis strengths.

When pushing your limits on an alpine climb or a tough trad onsight, the Aether is the ideal carabiner.


Super-light carabiner reduces rack weight

These carabiners are ideal for building a lightweight rack, whether it’s for fast and light alpine ascents or trad onsight success.

Wire gate for maximum weight saving

Wire gates are the lightest gate type available, and resist freezing shut in cold conditions. They help reduce rack weight, and are ideal for trad, winter, and alpine climbing.

Clean nose for snag-free clipping

The gate notch is housed in a recess, creating a smooth inner profile that prevents snagging on gear, ropes and slings. The nose of the carabiner is wider than the gate, helping prevent accidental gate opening caused by rubbing on rock.

I-Beam construction for optimum strength to weight ratio

I-Beam construction techniques allow carabiners to be lighter without compromising strength. This is achieved through hot forging, a process which allows metal to be made into complex shapes that improve functionality.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Dimensions Weight MBS (Major Axis) MBS (Minor Axis) MBS (Gate Open) Certification
Aether Turquoise A498TQ 54 x 91 x 12mm 28g 21kN 7kN 8kN EN12275:2013 B
Aether Matt Grey A498MG 54 x 91 x 12mm 28g 21kN 7kN 8kN EN12275:2013 B

Customer Reviews

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giulio ceresoli
Great piece!

Perfect biner for trad rig, hope you'll make it in different colors asap!