Triple Attachment Pulley



Everyone's favourite pulley.

The Triple Attachment Pulley forms an integral part of the renowned Hitch Climber System and is a firm favourite of working at height professionals the world over. The three hole construction makes rigging and organising much simpler and allows for off-centre hanging to minimise rope to pulley friction.


  • ‘Textile friendly’ curves, high strength, low weight
  • Rigging plate helps organise single or multiple attachments
  • Fairlead flares help maintain high working efficiency
  • Rounded side plates edges maintain low rope abrasion when rope is fed ‘unfair’
  • Compatible with most carabiner shapes and many textile connecting elements including rope and webbing
  • Size of attachment holes reduce probability of unwanted rotation of locking carabiners
  • Direct connection to textile components at the round edged attachment holes, helping to reduce system costs, increase lift height, minimise space required and enhance tolerance to torsion
  • Side plate shape allows an autoblock knot to function when the rope approaches the sides as well as at the bottom of the pulley
  • Tamperproof construction

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour MBS WLL Dimensions Weight Rope Diameter Certification
Triple Attachment Pulley Red PUL100RD Red 30kN 6kN 94 x 68 x 33mm 133g 14mm Max EN12278:2007EN12278:2007
Triple Attachment Pulley Matt Grey PUL100MG Matt Grey 30kN 6kN 94 x 68 x 33mm 133g EN12278:2007EN12278:2007

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Just the perfect pull.
small, light weight and hard wearing
Had might for over 4 years and still going strong

Dependable and versatile

This pulley has many uses but its main uses in a climbing system as a self tending, multi-attachment point in a hitch climber system is a vast improvement on DRT with a simple prussik and can be used in SRT setups to great effect with the rope wrench or similar. Great purchase.


This pulley is amazing! I use mine pretty much every day and have for the last two years. It's still incredibly efficient and smooth and I never have problems with it! It's still works great even after some rainy days with sappy ropes. Would highly recommend!

The best pulley

The best pulley for climbing systems in arboriculture! Cheap and with just the efficiency you need to work! A workhorse!