LIghtweight ice axe for mountain travel.

Tough enough to deal with the demands of modern winter mountaineering, yet light enough for general walking and ski touring. Optimised lightweight tubing and a complete re-design have struck a fine balance that means it carries without effort yet can penetrate ice and cut steps when required.


  • High strength steel alloy pick and adze for excellent purchase and durability.
  • Machined chamfers on both the pick and adze, for efficient penetration of ice and neve.
  • Ergonomic pick and bung, for a comfortable grip.
  • Strong and light anodised aluminium shaft, for lightweight travel and reliable support.
  • A durable spike and bung for ease of penetration in hard and soft snow.
  • Large tethering points in the pick and spike, for ease of clipping and security.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Length Weight Certification
Spire 55cm A0446A 55cm 352 g EN13089:2011+A1:2015 Type 1
Spire 60cm A0447A 60cm 366 g EN13089:2011+A1:2015 Type 1
Spire 65cm A0448A 65cm 380 g EN13089:2011+A1:2015 Type 1
Spire 75cm A0449A 75cm 409 g EN13089:2011+A1:2015 Type 1

Customer Reviews

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Gareth Kelley
Great walking axe

I love the Spire. It's a fantastic walking axe. Comfortable to handle and beautifully made. It's been with me on many enjoyable mountain days through the British winters.