DMM product markings

Every DMM product carries at least the minimum marking requirements as stipulated by CE norms. This usually involves 2 distinct sets of markings:

Strength and Certification markings

These markings show the breaking strength of the product or component in various situations as well as relevant CE and instructional information. E.g. an alloy connector would show:

  • Gate Closed strength
  • Minor Axis strength
  • Gate Open strength
  • A ‘Read the instructions’ pictogram and the notified body number for quality management system and CE Mark.

Unique I.D. Markings

All DMM metal products carry a unique serial number. The number allows every single item to be individually traced back to its original date and order of production. The way it works is as follows:
YR –Year of Manufacture
08 –2008
09 –2009
10 –2010
11 –2011
12 – 2012 etc…

DAY –The day of the year on which the product was marked
004 –would be the 4th of January
032 –would be the 1st of February
344 –would be the 10th of December

XXXX –Individual serial number
0001 –would be the first component marked on that day
0050 –would be the fiftieth component marked during the day

# – The machine with which the component was serialized
A = Rotary Laser Marker
B or M = Max Box Laser Marker
C = Dot Marker

Example: 081001450A
Yr 2008 – Day 100 – Serial Number 1450 – Machine A