Inspection & maintenance of auto-locking gates

16 July, 2021

A step-by-step guide to aid with the inspection and maintenance of DMM auto-locking carabiner gate mechanisms including gate function tests.

Impact Block Maintenance

26 May, 2021

Impact blocks work hard yet generally receive very little maintenance. See how to give these workhorses a bit of TLC.

Compact Shackle Maintenance

12 May, 2021

Compact Shackles can be found in a number of DMM products. Some basic maintenance will keep them squeak-free.

Pulley Maintenance

23 April, 2021

Don’t lose your bearings – check out this video for help navigating your way through pulley maintenance.

Vault Maintenance

16 April, 2021

Even these steadfast companions need a little TLC once in a while.

COVID-19: Care, Cleaning and Disinfection of DMM Equipment

12 June, 2020

Information and guidance on the management of personal and shared equipment.

What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

24 February, 2016

Equipment that is classified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the EU, has to comply to a particular EN (European Norm) standard, as part of a Directive. Compliance with the Directive is shown by a CE marking on the product. 

Resistance is futile

26 July, 2013

George Smith attempts to explain some of those things you’ve always wondered about pulleys, but were afraid to ask.

Becoming qualified as a rope access technician

18 April, 2013

Here George Smith presents a few pointers for anyone intent on a basic qualification in the rope access industry. Do you have what it takes?

Working at Height regulations (in brief)

15 April, 2013

The Regulations set out a simple hierarchy for managing and selecting procedures and equipment for work at height.

DMM factory tour

07 January, 2013

An insight into the craftsmanship and story behind the manufacture of DMM products at its Llanberis base in north Wales. See for yourself how throughout every stage of production, starting with the raw material, strict standards of quality control are maintained. Incredible precision even when hundreds of tonnes of force are being used and careful control of the critical variables involved many of the processes, such as heat treatment, are all part of the story.

ANSI standards for carabiners

01 December, 2012

The American National Standard, ANSI /ASSE Z359.12-2009 became effective November 2009. The standard incorporates a minimum gate face and side load requirement for carabiners to meet or exceed 3,600Ib (16kN).

Cableway systems in access and rescue

24 October, 2012

George Smith from Outreach Rescue sheds light on the different types of rigging, the forces involved and considerations to be made when assembling rope systems.


Rope rescue work over water

02 May, 2012

Working on rope rescue systems over water can be very problematic, with multiple risks and limited guidance, then again… it can make for a soft landing!

The right tools for the job

12 April, 2012

Not all connectors are the same and so choosing the right one for the job in hand can be a daunting task. Different shapes, materials and locking mechanisms form a bewildering array of choice. Add in the potential for captive eyes, swivels or pulley variations and the list of options is vast.