Update on Dragon 4 & 5 Recall - 11/03/2011

11 March, 2011

Just 3 weeks from the recall being issued we are pleased to announce that the first rebuilt replacement cams have now left DMM, and have reached their original owners this morning. A large number of Dragon Size 4 and 5 cams left DMM via a special collection courtesy of Royal Mail on Thursday evening.

We are very pleased with the speed of the turnaround, but are also grateful to our customers for their cooperation and patience. With the weather improving and folks wanting to get outside climbing we fully understand that nobody wants to be left short of gear. The fast turnaround has been made possible by the setting up of special areas for collection, processing, rebuilding, and inspecting the cams, as well as a designated despatch area solely for this purpose.

We would like to remind you that even if your cam shows no sign of cracking, it is still vital that you stop using it immediately and return it to us using the returns procedure outlined on our website. All replacement cams will be reassembled with the new hot forged axle boss.

Thank you again for your co-operation in the matter.