Pinto Rig

A chunky version of our Pinto Pulley for more efficient rigging and hauling. With beautifully smooth parallel connection holes and a load bearing becket, Pinto pulleys can be clipped, hitched, spliced or threaded to give numerous work and rescue configurations. Loved the world over by Treecare professionals, they are equally as useful for rescue and hauling situations.

Product Name Product Code Colour MBS WLL Dimensions Weight Max. Rope Diameter Certification Price
Pinto Rig Pulley - PUL120
PUL120 Purple 50kN 10kN 100 x 48 x 37mm 162g 16mm NFPA 1983: 2017 G,
EN 12278:2007

To be used on ropes of up to 16mm

A Spacer is available to support the Pinto cheeks when direct attachment of textile products may cause 'pinching'

Pinto Rig pulley features

An overview of the features and benefits of the Pinto Rig pulley.