Impact Blocks


Designed to make an impact.

Designed for use in any industry where loads may be dropped onto rigging with considerable impact forces. The combination of high quality materials and advanced production processes has ensured a rope friendly, durable, robust block that looks amazing and performs even better. Lightweight in mass but not strength, our Impact Blocks have passed incredible dynamic, torsion and static tests - a true testament to their strength to weight ratio.

The next generation Impact Block XS incorporates a number of additional features. The interlocking anchor bollard is a unique design and doubles security. Oversized ball bearings reduce friction and wear, promoting great efficiency. Designed to combine lightweight and compact with high performance, the Impact Block XS will become your best friend for redirect rigging, winching and snatching stem wood. In addition to highly evolved fairlead flares, the sheave is integrated with the side plates to ensure seamless transitions for your rigging line, while the all-new hollow axle design facilitates complex rigging configurations and allows for maintenance such as servicing of the bearings or replacement of the sheave (hollow axle max. rope diameter, XS: 10mm, L: 20mm). Validated for long term use in the toughest of environments with the most demanding of operators, robustness and resilience are already proven.


  • Compact, lightweight and highly efficient
  • Double security at the anchor bollard – interlocking bollard features and threaded axle
  • Large sheave diameter and efficient bearings make this block ideal for both everyday rigging and winch operations (e.g. with capstan winches)
  • Hollow axle on XS (10mm diameter) and L (20mm diameter) allows for a rope or sling additional applications
  • Hauling loop simplifies hauling, transfer and storage
  • Highly evolved fairlead flares help maintain efficiency even in suboptimal set ups
  • Serviceable by manufacturer e.g. bearing replacement
  • Patents Pending

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour MBS WLL Dimensions Weight Rope Diameter Certification
Impact Blocks XS Green IMB-XSGR Green/Silver 100kN 20kN 140 x 82 x 60mm 780g 16mm Max EN12278:2007EN12278:2007
Impact Blocks XS Matt Grey IMB-XSMG Matt Grey 100kN 20kN 140 x 82 x 60mm 780g 16mm Max EN12278:2007EN12278:2007
Impact Blocks S Titanium/Green IMB-S Titanium/Green 200kN 40kN 180 x 100 x 70mm 1860g 16mm Max EN12278:2007EN12278:2007
Impact Blocks L Bronze/Lime IMB-L Bronze/Lime 300kN 60kN 230 x 125 x 90mm 3470g 20mm Max EN12278:2007EN12278:2007

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ben Connon
Small but mighty

I own all three impacts and this is my go to, with its shear beautiful finish and it’s impressive loads, this light weight pulley makes setting up rigging systems so much easier, the new locking system means that even if the locking nut isn’t done up properly ( by accident) the pulley won’t fall apart.
The smooth finish of the pulley into the side of the frame allows you to leave the pulley in the tree, with a throwline through it, so the next day the ground staff can pull the rigging line in, whilst your climbing back into the tree.
With just a dyneema sling you can create a floating anchor with ease.
3:1 pulling systems can be created also which makes pulling effortless.
And if all this doesn’t interest you can just sit and look at its pure engineered beauty.

Lee Tinnion
Great pulley

Have worked with the large and XS pulley and both are great. Particular fan of the XS pulley for it's higher quality bearings and smaller form. Can be a little tricky to get the gate closes if connecting to textile connection but with the handy loop installation is never too difficult. Width means this pulley is very versatile and will accept a wide range of ropes.

james greig
Engineering perfection

I’ve owned this pulley block for about five years now. It is the most sleek and reliable block I’ve ever used. The sealed bearings on the pulley are so smooth and maintenance free. The block is a dream to install with a sling and is surprisingly light for its size. Do not be deceived although this is a small pulley it is very well designed and capable of handling impressive loads. The quality and finish is far superior than anything else available on the market. This is a quality product as expected from DMM. First class piece of kit nothing else to say buy one you won’t be disappointed.