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Shipping August 2024.

Lightweight, strong and compact pulley.
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Lightweight, strong and extremely compact, this pulley uses sealed ball bearings for excellent efficiency and smooth hot-forged side plates protect the sheave. It is an ideal pulley to have as part of personal ascent, positioning and in your day-to-day tasks.

The Impel's straight sides means a hitch tends nicely against it when used as part of a lanyard system.


  • Ultra compact pulleys
  • Attachment hole reduces probability of unwanted rotation of locking carabiners
  • Smooth profile to pulley will not dig in to trees or body during use
  • Hot forged, with smooth rope and textile friendly fairleads and edges
  • Connect directly in with textile components for extra versatility: increase lift height, minimise space required, or enhance tolerance to torsion
  • Sealed ball bearings for high efficiency and low maintenance
  • Use with ropes up to 11mm diameter
  • Lightweight but strong: 25kN MBS and 5kN WLL
  • Tamper-proof construction
  • Made in Wales, and certified for peace of mind