FAQs for DMM Compact Swivel Units Product Recall

This is a frequently asked questions page for the DMM Compact Swivel Units Product Recall.

What has failed?
A Director Swivel Boss connector has failed. The two sides of the swivel assembly have unscrewed in use and have parted resulting in failure of the connector.

How was it reported?
A user reported that their connector failed whilst working at height.  The user was secured on a separate safety system and no injuries were sustained.

What is the effect on strength?
This failure mode is a total failure that could result in a fall from height rather than a reduction in product strength.

Which Products are affected?
All units currently in circulation are affected.
All units manufactured from 2nd November 2022 onwards will not be affected (Serial 22306xxxxx)

Are all DMM swivel types affected?
No – Axis Swivels and RPM Systems and Assemblies are unaffected as they have a different construction method. Only the products listed in the Recall Notice are affected.

Are all DMM Director Connectors affected?
No – The Director Yoke and Director Captive eye are unaffected as they do not contain a compact swivel assembly.

Is this linked to the 2019 Nexus Recall?
No – the 2019 recall for inspection related to a single batch of 77 units in which 1 unit was incorrectly assembled.

What do I have to do if I have one of the affected units?
Stop using any of the recalled items immediately, remove from service and quarantine.
We are finalising plans. Please subscribe to the recall system here. This will let us inform you of the return’s procedure and our corrective actions once finalised (ETA 18th November 2022)

How do I find the serial number?
Some of the affected products include D or Bow shackles on the product. Shackles can be standalone product parts so do not use the serial numbers on the shackles, only on the main swivel unit body.

The serial number will be either:

  • 10 characters; 9 digits followed by a letter
  • 9 digits in total and no letter

See the images below to help locate the serial numbers.

Mini Swivel:

Nexus Swivel labelled

Focus Swivel:

Focus Swivel labelled

Nexus Swivel:

Nexus Swivel labelled

Director Swivel Eye:

Director Swivel Eye

Director Swivel Boss:

Director Swivel Boss

How do I find the product code?
Please use the infographic below to determine product code. Do not use product codes on shackles.

Nexus Swivel labelled

What will happen to my recalled units?
We are finalising our plans. Please subscribe to the recall system here.  This will let us inform you of the return’s procedure and our corrective actions once finalised (ETA 18th November 2022)

See below for instructions in how to prepare your swivels for the returns parcel:
Do not send us the shackle components, please remove and put them somewhere safe.

Then use a small box or a jiffy bag to place the swivel units in for shipping.
Please include your name, phone number, email address and shipping address inside the package.

How can I identify replacement Compact Swivel unit?
See this page to help identify new replacement Compact Swivel units.

I have more questions, where can I get in contact?
We have set up a dedicated email account for all queries related to this recall. Please allow 3 working days for a response.