The Apex strikes a balance between performance and versatility. Read more

Steep mountain tool.

Despite its aggressive appearance, the Apex is comfortable across a wide variety of terrain. The shaft curve has been precisely designed to give clearance and stability on steep ground while remaining effective when plunging, daggering and moving on easier angled snow slopes.

The Apex is fully T rated, and the head and handle are double riveted onto the lightweight aluminium shaft. This robust construction lets the Apex handle the burly nature of winter climbing

The hot forged handle also strikes a balance between performance and versatility. A straight design with a spike on the base makes plunging the Apex into snow and ice easy when moving on less steep terrain. The upper and lower hand rests allow hand matching, crucial to the Apex’s performance on steeper ground.


Dual handrests for leashless climbing

Dual handrests allow techniques such as matching, maximising the performance of these tools when leashless climbing on steep terrain.

Removable pick weights allow customisable balance

Picks feature removable weights that adjust the balance of the swing. Adding weights helps the pick cleanly strike hard ice, while removing them reduces weight for mixed climbing and dry tooling.

High clearance shaft maximises performance on steep terrain

The curved shaft of the axe creates clearance for reaching over bulges on ice and rock, allowing you to climb on steep ground more easily. It also reduces the angle of the handle when the axe is hooked on a feature, making climbing on steep terrain less tiring and more secure.

Full strength clip in point allows use of axe as an anchor

The clip in points on the base of the axe handle allow the axe to be used as an anchor. Inboard eyelets can be threaded with cord for attaching Freedom Leashes.

Supplied with Grippy Grip Tape for extra handle grip and insulation

Grip Tape lets you insulates the axe shaft, protecting you from hot aches and allowing more of the axe to be used as a hold.

Shaft and picks T rated for durability

DMM axes are T rated, making them tough enough for modern mixed climbing techniques.

Picks laser cut from steel for strength, and CNC'd for high performance in frozen turf and ice

Steel picks are strong and highly durable. They are laser cut, and then CNC machined for high performance on ice, frozen turf and rock.

Available with Mountain Adze for greater versatility on traditional terrain

The Switch and Apex are available with a full size adze for easier ice clearing and ledge chopping in mountainous terrain.

Interchangeable picks for improved performance on either ice or mixed terrain

The Switch and Apex are available with picks that maximise either performance on either ice or mixed terrain. The ice pick has a pronounced taper to its point, for efficient penetration of thick ice and reduced dinner plating. The Mixed Pick has a less tapered profile to increase hooking stability and the durability of the point when torqueing in cracks.

Spike gives security on low angled snow slopes

The spike allows the axe to bite into ice and break through snow, giving you greater stability when walking and plunging.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour Length Weight Certification
Apex Adze A0381 Green 50cm 673 g EN13089:2011+A1:2015 Type 2
Apex Hammer A0382 Green 50cm 658 g EN13089:2011+A1:2015 Type 2

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joe Griffiths
Good enough for the best

If it was good enough for Marc Andre LeClerk then it's good enough for me!

Owen Samuel
So far unbreakable!

Very reliable tools. Been though many sets of picks and still going strong.

Francesco Sportelli
Best buy

Sono un alpinista di lunga data e ho utilizzato molte piccozze o nel corso degli anni. L'Apex è la migliore che abbia mai usato: realizzata in acciaio al carbonio temprato, che offre una grande resistenza e durata. Il manico è realizzato in legno di faggio, che offre un'ottima presa e comfort.

Joe Doherty
Do it all axe

Perfect axe for Scottish winter climbing. Gives you a lot of confidence on harder stuff, but not overkill on easier pitches or routes.

James Williams
The do it all winter tool

From classic gully’s to steep mixed you never feel out of depth with these in your hands. The only thing they can’t do is make the conditions better