A strong clip that can be retrospectively mounted onto small bags, or other small items, so that they can be securely stored away or moved to more easily accessible positions when needed. The mounting bracket and strap are included.

This clip can be screwed onto a wide variety of lightweight storage solutions such as a personal 1st aid bag kept on the back of the harness, a mobile phone case (Fidlock, Ortlieb etc), or tool bags. The mounting bracket, which is used for storing the bag clip when not in use, is designed to attach to surfaces/substrates such as walls, and is specifically designed to be compatible with the rear of the Kinisi harness. The strap can then be used to further secure the bag.

This clip allows the user to reposition the bag to various placements such as webbing, belts, ropes, surfaces, clothing and pockets, allowing for convenient access when needed. Detaching the clip and bag can be done one handed and without looking at it. This is especially important at critical moments e.g. when needing to access a first aid kit.

With a tether on the clip, it becomes a complete no-drop solution for working at height.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour Weight Certification
Caiman BC100 Black 84g Not PPE