Harder to move than they look.

In winter there are times when the only thing to lodge an anchor in is the snow itself.

The Deadman lets you make the most of this medium and improves on the classic ice axe belay by creating a larger surface area that increases resistance to the placement pulling through. Used in snow gullies and below cornice top outs, the Deadman creates protection out of nothing and provides security in the most insecure places.


Large surface area creates resistance to pull through even in soft snow

The large surface area of the Deadman resists being pulled through snow more effectively than an ice axe. This makes it the best option in soft snow conditions, where almost nothing else would provide security.

Lightening holes reduce weight

The Deadman features holes that reduce weight while retaining performance in marginal snow conditions. This means the Deadman won't weigh you down on the mountain where it might be the difference between having some protection and none at all.

Stainless steel striker plate protects Deadman from wear and tear

A stainless steel striking area protects the Deadman from damage when hammering it into the snow, and resists corrosion from the wet winter environment.

4mm galvanised wire creates strong attachment point

A steel wire loop allows the Deadman to be buried deeply beneath snow while retaining an accessible and strong attachment point.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour Weight Certification
Deadman A1300 Red 360g Manufacturers Technical Specification QAP74

Customer Reviews

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Dominic Pilkington
The piece to have

When run out on some big snow field this is the only piece of protection you'll be wishing for when burying those ice axes and saying a prayer again. Save the praying, get a deadman

Eben Muse

Deadman?! More like "living man"!

Does[n't do] what it says on the tin!

Way better than burying an axe.