A weight off your mind.

If Halfnuts look familiar it’s because they have the same tapered faces and side profile as DMM’s tried and tested Wallnuts. The reduced width makes them ideal for shallow cracks, pin scars, and situations where every gram counts. The combined weight of the 1-11 Halfnut sets are 42% lighter than the equivalent Wallnuts and they are similarly colour coded.


  • Shape provides additional protection options and the reduced width aids stability in shallow placements.
  • Sizes 1–4 are made of a harder alloy to prevent shearing and size 5–11 are made of a softer alloy to improve bite.
  • Size 7 features scooped faces to save weight.
  • Single cable sizes 1-7 reduces weight.
  • Hollow extrusion and dual thinner cable on the 8-11 to save weight.
  • The combined weight of the 1-11 Halfnut sets are 42% lighter than the equivalent Wallnuts and they are similarly colour coded.
  • Same taper angles and side profile as DMM’s tried and tested Wallnuts.
  • Colour matched shrink tube for easy identification.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour Strength Weight Range Certification
Set / 1-11 A1671/81A Assorted 250g EN12270:2013
Set / 1-7 A1671/77A Assorted 112g EN12270:2013
Set / 8-11 A1678/81A Assorted 138g EN12270:2013
Single / 1 A1671A Purple 4kN 10g EN12270:2013
Single / 2 A1672A Green 4kN 10g EN12270:2013
Single / 3 A1673A Silver 6kN 15g EN12270:2013
Single / 4 A1674A Gold 6kN 16g EN12270:2013
Single / 5 A1675A Blue 6kN 18g EN12270:2013
Single / 6 A1676A Red 6kN 21g EN12270:2013
Single / 7 A1677A Grey 6kN 22g EN12270:2013
Single / 8 A1678A Turquoise 7kN 25g EN12270:2013
Single / 9 A1679A Gold 7kN 28g EN12270:2013
Single / 10 A1680A Silver 9kN 39g EN12270:2013
Single / 11 A1681A Green 9kN 46g EN12270:2013

Customer Reviews

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Chris Andrews
Add a grade

Some routes have fiddly gear, especially limestone and culm. If you're climbing in these places then half wires are ideal. Perfect for small keyhole type placements and pin scars. The single wire makes fiddling them in to placements at an angle (rather than straight down) much easier than a standard wall nut.

They're also lighter than a full set of nuts and so if I'm not sure about the weight on a long or alpine route then I find I take these rather than doubling up on wall nuts. They are pretty much a permanent feature on my harness now.

La leche

I love these, I use them for all the duplicates on my rack. Not only are they light, but they are incredibly versatile in their placement, having an flared profile when placed sideways.

Joe Griffiths
Fab weight saving and more versatile

Because of the design of these not only do they save weight compared to the regular wallnuts, but they also can be placed in shallower cracks.

Harry payne
Great addition to any trad rack

Half nuts have been a great addition to my rack. I don’t use them as often as my offsets but they are great to double up on nuts for multi pitch routes and work really well on the slate.

Spike Alexander

I got the full set of these and they are by far the most useful bits of passive pro I own. Since they have the two orientations they fit into just about any placement between the set; the small ones in particular fit really well into rubbish tiny placements and really shallow placements. Even with the single cable they are still stiff enough to easily place and fiddle around with one hand too.
Definitely a favourite.