Brass Offsets


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Small but mighty.

Brass Offsets are crucial for protecting small flared cracks, often fitting perfectly where nothing else will go. The brass used for the head of the nut is soft enough to bite into placements, but hard enough to resist deforming and pulling through. Wires are soldered directly into the nut head, allowing a thicker wire to be used and increasing overall strength. The colour coded swage gives easy size selection and allows the Brass Offset to self equalise when loaded, making the most of marginal placements.


Micro protection for small cracks

As climbs become harder, the need to make the most of all available protection increases. Micro protection lets you protect cracks which normal sized pieces would not fit. Having these wires on your rack gives you more options.

Asymmetrical taper gives stable placements in offset cracks

Nuts with an offset taper protect cracks where normal nuts would not sit properly, such as flared cracks and peg scars. Use in combination with normal nuts to find security in almost any crack.

Wires soldered directly into heads for strength

The wires of IMPS and Brass Offsets are soldered directly into their heads. This allows a thicker wire to be used, increasing the strength rating of each nut.

Brass heads for optimal characteristics in marginal placements.

Brass nuts are made from a special blend of brass and silicone that is soft enough to bite into placements, but hard enough to resist pulling through them. This helps them make the most of marginal placements.

Colour coded for easy size identification

The DMM protection range is colour coded for quick and easy size selection. Colours are co-ordinated across passive and active protection, for quick selection of alternatives if your first choice doesn’t fit.

Passive protection works in wet and icy conditions

Passive protection works by jamming in constrictions to prevent falls. It is suitable for use in all conditions. Unlike active protection such as cams, passive protection can be used in wet or icy cracks, where friction is reduced.

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Colour Strength Weight Range Certification
Set / 0-6 A1700/06A Assorted 85g EN12270:2013
Set / 2-4 A1702/04A Assorted 33g EN12270:2013
UIAA 124
Single / 0 A1700A Gold 2kN 4g EN12270:2013
UIAA 124
Single / 1 A1701A Blue 4kN 7g EN12270:2013
UIAA 124
Single / 2 A1702A Red 5kN 9g EN12270:2013
UIAA 124
Single / 3 A1703A Grey 5kN 10g EN12270:2013
UIAA 124
Single / 4 A1704A Purple 7kn 14g EN12270:2013
UIAA 124
Single / 5 A1705A Green 7kn 17g EN12270:2013
UIAA 124
Single / 6 A1706A Silver 10kN 24g EN12270:2013
UIAA 124

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