XSorise, XSorise, XSorise.

Everyone’s favourite accessory carabiner now has a screwgate locking option for added security.

Made with the same attention to detail as all standard size DMM carabiners, the XSRE oval carabiner is a beautiful, high performance accessory clip that has a functional industrial pedigree, yet crosses over easily into everyday life situations. Widely adopted for non-PPE use on industrial worksites, the XSRE is just as useful on a tree care harness to organise gear as it is clipping keys onto a belt loop.

The narrow, snag-free nose pierces rope and allows easy installation of remote systems (Image below).

The screwgate locking version gives increased security when required – perfect when working at height or walking the dog.


  • Symmetrical oval shape.
  • Improved snag-free rope piercing nose (image right).
  • Anti-vibration screw gate version now available for added security.
  • Hot forged I-beam construction for high strength to weight ratio.


  • Tool lanyards
  • Equipment organisation
  • Key rings
  • Hammocks
  • Water bottles
  • Pet leads

Tech Specs

Product Name Product Code Dimensions Weight MBS (Major Axis) Gate Opening Certification
XSRE Lock Green A532GR 35 x 57mm 10g 4kN 12mm Not PPE
XSRE Lock Lime A532LG 35 x 57mm 10g 4kN 12mm Not PPE
XSRE Lock Matt Grey A532MG 35 x 57mm 10g 4kN 12mm Not PPE
XSRE Lock Purple A532PR 35 x 57mm 10g 4kN 12mm Not PPE
XSRE Lock Red A532RD 35 x 57mm 10g 4kN 12mm Not PPE
XSRE Lock Turquoise A532TQ 35 x 57mm 10g 4kN 12mm Not PPE

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Emily Peterson
Great for Backpacks

Nice little sturdy carabiners for clipping water bottles etc.
Glad I sought out a name brand rather than going with the cheap ones on Amazon, as I feel I can trust these to take a few knocks.

Sol Armer
Perfect accessory/ keyring biner

Perfectly on my keys, also if you need a micro biner for attaching anything it's very reliable. Attached it to my lanyard for bolting hammer and drill. 4kn rating makes it a backup biner that could be used in an emergency, maybe...

Ben Connon
Small but mighty

These are part of my life as a arborist, from clipping my keys to gear bags to installing ropes in the canopy’s to even holding my silky in place, what I love is the screw gate makes it secure in the application it is being used for.
They are obviously good because other manufacturers have started stealing the idea.

Very useful

I use them for arboriculture work and they work perfectly. I wish the small notch where the opening cam spring bracket sits was larger. In some situations it usually comes out and basically the carabiner no longer works.